A Resource Guide

for educators, counselors and career staff
to support integrated teaching strategies

and principles of school-to-career

Joan B. Horikoshi
Project Director

Margaret Shelleda
Project Administrator

Dennis Smith
CFT – STC Advisory Committee Chair

Svetlana Darche
Hatchuel Tabernik & Associates

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Project Goal

The goal of this project is to provide professional development for educators, including teachers, counselors, career guidance staff and other youth services staff, in the concepts of “school-to-career” and “authentic learning”. This website provides tools and resources to assist in integrating rigorous school-to-career pedagogy into curriculum and practice. Consistent with the principles of authentic learning, we are making this material available in a way that allows for individualized learning and exploration. We hope the materials will promote sharing of ideas and dialogue, by providing common vocabulary and frames of reference, as well as guidelines and examples. We also encourage educators to experiment and pursue direct experiences that will bring the concepts to life and stimulate further thinking.

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